Curtis Russet

CurtisHoly schmoke and a pancake! Where to even begin on bio on this guy?

1. He’s probably not from this planet. (Evidence is that he doesn’t sweat, needs about a third as much sleep as the rest of us, and has boundless energy.
2. He will play the living heck out of any instrument you put in his hands. Of late, he has been concentrating on the electric guitar, but I (Seppy) have heard him play amazingly on piano, banjo, fiddle, marimba, trombone etc…
3. He and our sound person, Bianca Lech, are “an item” and they live on a mind-bottling homestead with a man-made pond that has frogs and a heron in it.
4. He is an FNP at the Harrington Health Center, and I will go out on a limb here by suggesting that, besides being very conscientious, he understands the true nature of healing, which has to do with the quality of attention and connection present between provider and patient

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